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Deckbuild the Halls

Deckbuild the Halls is a trick-taking deck building game that is currently part of Small Furry Games' Bah Humbug and the Twelve Games of Christmas collection


Stoichiometry is an eighteen card solo deckbuilding game about manipulating elements in a chemistry equation to balance both sides. Players may add elements to either side of an equation or discard them for the special ability which will move other elements around. When a chemical formula is balanced, players may collect the cards and add them to their deck. Each time players have to shuffle their discards, they must permanently trash one of the cards. If their deck runs out before the equations are all balanced, they lose the game; if they are able to balance all the equations, they win!

Uprooted: A Game of Competitive Gardening

In Uprooted, players are all gardeners working in a community garden to plant the best arrangement of their flowers, while surrounding and uprooting opponent or natural flowers to deliver to customers. Each time they make a delivery, they may take a cutting of the arrangement and use that each time they make a future delivery.