Actively Playtesting


Aqueducks is a game about delivering hot and cold water to waterfowl and shorebirds using aqueducts. Players are vying to earn the most prestige by constructing buildings and erecting the aqueducts to deliver water to meet their needs. For example, Gulldon Ramsey needs hot and cold water to his restaurant (watch out for his fowl temper).  Sandpiper Smooth Sawmill uses cold water to run their equipment.

Version 1.2

Generated a main board, ground tiles, topography, income tokens, action dominoes for all players, blueprints

Need to make stickers for the backs of building tiles that have residual income and prestige once water is delivered, put marks on the terrain for water sources, and write the rules.


Clueciverbalist is a clue-giving crossword game. Players are putting letters into a grid facedown, and giving a clue. They will score points based on the length of the word and how many other players can guess it, but if all players guess, the clie-giver gets no points. All players who guess correctly also gain points for the length of the word.

Version 1.0

I have run some simulations of the number of each letter at different tile counts. After consideration and hearing other designers talking about their word games, it seems best to avoid the Q, X, J, and Z.  Next step is to make more tiles and then test.

Color out of Space

In this Draft-and-Draw game, players are taking dominoes with eldritch symbols and drawing them on their mind map. When they have a figure that matches a Great Old One, they color in that section of their mind, losing sanity and scoring points. When one player runs out of sanity, the game ends, and whoever has the most points wins.

Version 3.0

Decided on a Cthulhu mythos theme "The Color out of Space". Remade the player mats to be brains, and the idea that you are completing patterns with eldritch signs to go mad and score insanity points. Updated dominos to have Cthulhu-influenced symbols. Red: Necronomicon, Blue: Eyes, Orange: Hungry Stars, Green: Tentacles. Turned scoring objectives into double-sided cards. Players can only score what is face up, and then if scored, card is flipped at the end of the round.

Need to find names for these cards that tie into Great Old Ones.

Drag Dynasty

Baby, you've made it! You're a professional performing drag queen. Using your Glamour, Attitude, and Poise, you will navigate the challenges of being a drag queen and drag mother in this medium weight Euro. Players are taking actions at various locations to rehearse and incorporate dance moves into their routine, attract, improve, and invest in their drag daughters, and sell tickets to the Drag Show. They can also set their daughters to have a ballroom dance battle, where the most skilled daughter wins a trophy, and the less skilled daughter learns and improves. The player who earns the most tiara points wins!

Version  5.4.1

Updated systems with the intent of having them feed more into each other. Currently have fans being placed into the buildings when a Drag Queen visits (reducing costs), moved to the Box Office (scoring Tiaras) when a Drag Daughter triggers a Ballroom event, moved to the main stage (earning tips) when a Queen goes to the Box Office, and collected from the Main stage (restarting the cycle) when a Drag Queen dances their way.

Drag Daughters are gained at the Glamour Girls, where Queens can also move Fans and draw the Spotlight. Daughters are increased in skill at Poise Perfect, where players may also gain Influence and use that influence to trade places with other Queens. Players add Loyalty cubes to their Drag Daughters at Attitude Adjusters, where they may also take cubes from their Player Mat, freeing up space for more Performance cards, and reroll up to two dice on those cards.

Hero Assurance Risk Managers

In a city where superheroes and supervillains are squaring off, there's bound to be some collateral damage. And who pays for that damage? Insurance companies. Join the ranks of the Hero Assurance Risk Managers, investing in insurance companies for superheroes. Buy shares in the different insurance companies, Expand the neighborhoods in which your companies operate, Collect premiums from the businesses and residences in those neighborhoods, and Sell when the market is right (or before you have to share in paying for claims).

Horrible Heroes

A story-telling game about superheroes who are not super at being heroes. 

Space Suits

A game about the fabric of space and time. Players are operating haberdasheries on a space station where their clients are discerning extraterrestrials looking for monocles, ascots, pocket linens, cufflinks, and vests. But the more prestigious clients will only shop where they get referrals from satisfied customers. 

In this dice and worker placement game, players manage a team of tailors (dice) and apprentices (meeples) in order to make the items their customers want, improving the skillset of the apprentices until they can become tailors in their own right, or overseers that give a bonus each time you use a tailor in their module.